Sash Window Prices Review


sash-windowSash windows are a type of window that has two or even more slightly overlapping sashes that horizontally slide within the frame. One of the sashes is fixed while the rest can glide to the left or right sides of the frame through detachable rollers.

By moving horizontally, slider windows do not go against gravity and do not have failed springs. It is more convenient to use in patios where they do not pose as obstacles to people walking in the vicinity. It is also good to use in kitchens, where sliding panes work more conveniently in providing ventilation. They are an ideal choice for those in highly populated areas because they do not obstruct traffic flow. These windows are easy to use and install and is suited for areas where the weather frequently changes.

To ensure that the slider windows deliver the best performance, choose a reliable contractor who will install the windows. The choice can come from a list of recommendations from relatives, neighbors and friends. Consult authorities such as the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Window Dealers and Installers to check on the contractors’ performance.

Why Choose Sash Windows?

Sash windows are also sometimes considered to be the best choice if you value a good airflow in your home, especially if you choose two sliding sashes. With an opening at the bottom and another at the top of the window you can create a cooling convection current that is perfect for the summer months.Two sliding panes afford better ventilation through the creation of a cooling convection current (a flow of air going into your house through one opening and out the other, taking dust and stuffy air with it). The advantages of sash windows are:

  • Increased ventilation
  • Space-saving benefits
  • A classic style

What Are The Average Costs Of Sash Windows?

Basic Level Sash Window Prices:

Look to pay anywhere from £480 for upvc window frames without locks or fastenings. With the glass, locks or customized fasteners added, the window can cost up to £700.

Mid Priced Sash Windows:

Again, much depends on the size and style of window, but an unglazed frame without finish, locks or other accessories should cost in the region of £650. Useally made from wood or upvc expect to pay up to £1300.

Premium Shash Window Prices:

To replace all of your windows in a 4 bedroom house with sash windows, the full price for window installation could range anywhere from £14,000 to £18,000. This is a great investment especially in comparison to the cheaper alternative – casement windows (particularly in uPVC).

Sash Window Prices By Window Framing Material And Window Size

Casement Window Prices (incl. installation costs + VAT):

Window material Window size (mm) Price range
uPVC 600 x 900 £480 – £690
1200 x 1200 £350 – £900
Wooden 600 x 900 £1450 – £1570
1200 x 1200 £1,370 – £1,500
Aluminium 600 x 900 £1400 plus
1200 x 1200 n/a

Sash Window Considerations

The prices vary widely based on a number of factors. These numbers vary based on the installer’s company and any extra features such as different window glass types, not to mention size and material.Installation costs also differ so these numbers are for reference only.

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