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Why Choose Bi Folding Doors?

Bi-Folding Doors

Example Of Bi-Folding Doors

One of the reasons to choose bi-folding doors over other types of door is the garden access they provide. When fully open they completely open up your wall providing easy access to your patio or garden space and really bringing the outdoors into your home.

Bi-Folding doors, similar to sliding doors, help maximize the amount of natural light which comes into your home. This can make a room feel more spacious and can make the room more appealing to spend time in.

While sliding patio doors require a certain amount of space due to always needing a window to slide behind Bi-Folding Doors do not have this problem and can fit in spaces which Sliding Patio Doors cannot. When a Bi-Folding Door is fully opened and folded onto itself it can be left outside when there is not enough room to leave the folded door inside.
Bi-folding doors are very flexible allowing you to open the doors to any width within the frame including opening the whole wall up. Compared to other doors which only open at a fixed width or sliding doors where you can only open the door to half the width of the wall you can see just how much flexibility Bi-Fold doors provide.

Bi-Folding doors in a huge range of designs and styles which can come in any colour or finish you like. Whether this be 3,5 or 7 pane bi-folds in ultra-modern greys or more traditional white with low threshold to bring the “outside in”.

All popular Bi-fold door brands come in aluminum, timber and UPVC materials.

What advantages are there to bi-folding doors?

  • High-Quality bi-fold doors with a thermally broken system ensuring a warmer drier home.
  • Top models are weather rated system tested to withstand the worst of the weather.
  • Top models usually contain Stainless steel rollers for smooth operation and secure 3 point locks, glides that prevent doors being levered out, safe and secure

French Wood Bi-Fold Doors By Andersen

Bifold doors frame materials

Prime Bi-folds selection of Bi-folding doors all use an aluminum frame. The reason for this is because we find the other two potential materials, wood and UPVC, to be less viable than aluminium.

UPVC is perfectly fine for smaller windows and doors, however, due to the size of Bi-folding doors the strength of UPVC is tested to it’s maximum and with heat variation the door can become unpredictable and unreliable. UPVC doors will often be less expensive than Aluminium doors, however, the Aluminium doors will often show their value in reliability and be much more cost effective.

Wood is a very good natural material and can give great character to your door, however, due to wood absorbing moisture the door frames can be warped which can lead to the door becoming unreliable and poor gasket seal performance. To prevent these issues you will need to have a continuous maintenance schedule which can be expensive.

Aluminium is lightweight and strong which allows aluminium framed doors to be narrower than Wood and UPVC while also being more resistant to flex and contraction with heat variation. Aluminium is also a good choice of frame due to the possibilities it provides in terms of finishes including wood grained finishes along with being possible to have a finish in any colour you can imagine.


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors finishes

Some of the most popular finishes include Slate Grey, Anthracite Grey, Black Grey, Jet Black, Light Silver, Dark Silver and Hipca White.

Corner Bi-fold doors

Bi-Folding doors suitable for corners enabling you to open up more than one wall and helping to bring a lot of light into your room. Bi-Fold’s come in a variety of configurations suitable for different sized rooms you can also choose the position of where the door will open. Bi-Fold doors are bespoke made to measure to ensure they fit your home perfectly.

2 and 1 Opening out 2and1-corner-bifold-doors
2 and 2 Opening out 2and2-corner-bifold-doors
2 and 3 Opening out 3and3-corner-bifold-doors


Bi-Folds have a selection of Bi-Folding Doors all of which are bespoke made to measure ensuring your Bi-Fold is perfectly sized for your home.

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