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Home windows come in different types, shapes and sizes, and it is meant to serve multiple intents and purposes besides being a decorative piece or a temperature insulator. Making the right choice between casement, sash, slide, fixed and other variations of window style means having the right information at your disposal when discussing costs and quotes. Nevertheless, it is often a wonder to so many people how these home-improvement styles and materials came about.

Windows are an integral part of home design, adding to both aesthetics and the functional aspects of a home’s interiors. The choice of the right type of window not only improves the ventilation and natural lighting within the structure but also adds value to the building, apart from keeping the home safe and well-insulated. Let’s take a look at some window types and their characteristics. Here we will outline the costs of the most popular window styles in the UK.

Consider some of the following replacement window types:

Bay Windows Prices Bay WindowsBay Windows are defined as windows that project outward of the main walls. The name is so because it forms a bay inside the house. Bay can be defined as a space or void in the wall window between window frames or doorway between door frames. Casement Windows Casement-windowsCasement windows have one or more hinges so that they open or close very much like a door. Single windows are either hinged at the side of the frame while double windows are pivoted on both sides. A the favorite British window styles of the past couple of centuries has been the open-out casement window.
Double-Hung Windows Double Hung WindowsDouble hung windows is actually of a more traditional style compared to other types of windows. In this style, the sash on top is fixed a little at the back of the sash at the bottom of it. One continuous block of glass can make up a double hung window. The sashes may also be made up of separate lights for style and decorative purposes. Double Glazed Windows Double Pane WindowsSimple double glazed windows make use of air between the sheets of glass. High-end ones, on the other hand, make use of argon or krypton, which are both noble gases. Double pane windows also make use of specialized low-emissivity glass.
Single Hung Windows Single Hung windowsSingle Hung Windows are a type of window that has two sashes. One is movable while the other one is fixed. Usually, the bottom sash is the one that can be moved vertically and facilitates air flow for better ventilation.
The fixed part serves to insulate the home from noises from the outside. This type of window is simple and is a traditional pick for adorning new and old houses.
Sash Windows Costs Sash windowsSash windows are a type of window that has two or even more slightly overlapping sashes that horizontally slide within the frame. One of the sashes is fixed while the rest can glide to the left or right sides of the frame through detachable rollers.
By moving horizontally, sash windows do not go against gravity and do not have failed springs.
Palladian Windows Palladian windowsIn general, this window starts with two narrow rectangular sections. An arched window is then installed above these sections. This three piece window gives your home a unique and distinctive look with refined sophistication. Egress Windows Egress windowsEgress windows are your emergency exit or escape windows required in specific locations in a dwelling space, whether commercial or residential.They are mandated in building codes to meet specific size and access requirements to qualify as egress windows.
Garden Windows Garden WindowsGarden windows generally refer to kitchen and greenhouse windows that often face the backyard or garden.They generally have four-sided glass panes around the wind that extend or jut out from a window opening similar to a bay window but on a smaller scale. Single Pane Windows Single Pane WindowsSingle Pane Windows are a type of window that has one sash into which the pane of window glass rests.
Storm Windows Storm WindowsStorm windows are a type of window that is created from a single paned existing window by simply putting a piece of glass between the inner and outer parts of the existing window.By doing so, the window is transformed to serve as a strong buffer in between the violent weather condition outside and inside the home. Soundproof Windows Soundproof WindowsA soundproof window is an added window installed behind the existing one. A piece of glass is inserted and secured in between the internal and external panes of the original window.It is not necessary to replace the current window to make a soundproof window.
Impact Windows impact WindowsImpact windows are a type of window that is built stronger than ordinary windows. It is coined as high-impact windows, hurricane windows or impact resistant windows because it can resist violent weather and can hold up when struck by extreme pressures. It stays in its frame and remains in one piece when it breaks giving protection against shattered glasses. Half Moon Windows half moon WindowsA half moon window is a type of window that is semi-circular in shape resembling the crescent shape of the half moon.It is also called an eyebrow arch window. It only covers half of the window surface and while it can be made into a beautiful architectural window, it presents a decoration challenge to the home owners or building decorator.
Clerestory Windows What kind of window suits an ultra-modern home? If you have a spacious open-plan house with great views, then clerestory windows might be a perfect choice.

Clerestory (pronounced “clear-story”) windows allow a maximum of natural light, ventilation, and solar heat into a building.


Dormer Windows Dormer windows, offer the perfect lighting and ventilation solution. They also add space to the room interior, for furniture placement, as they project vertically beyond the plane of a slanted roof. They have their own roof structures for protection and to blend into the main roof design. If you want to install dormer windows, you should consider what style would suit your home, and what factors will influence the cost of installation.


What is the difference between these window styles?

You may have to choose a certain style over others to make sure the look of your house is consistent, but there is a fair amount of variation available within each window style.

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