Replacing windows doesn’t have to be complicated. Here at Window Replacement Advisor, we’ve taken the hassle out of selecting your windows. We provide you with all the information you possibly need about windows so that you’re not left scratching your head. With the information that we offer you, you’ll be able to pick the best design, brand, type or model that suits your window replacement project perfectly.

How much will replacement windows cost you? This question is a very difficult question to answer (even with average prices) because the final price is influenced by a large number of factors:

  • Style (sash, casement, tilt & turn or fixed)
  • Type (how many openings and what kind)
  • Size (600×900 is a common size)
  • Material (uPVC, wood or aluminium)
  • Glazing (single, double or triple)
  • Installation costs (varying per provider)
  • VAT
  • Particular specifications (for security or energy efficiency)

In fact, making use of our window pricing information will get you one step closer to a home that’s totally energy-efficient. Moreover, you could end up paying less on your heating costs, allowing you to save valuable money.

Some of the most common reasons that homeowners replace their windows include poor window energy-efficiency, windows that leak during rainfall, or even windows that accumulate condensation or frost between panes. The windows might also be bowed, sagging or bent, creating pockets of air infiltration.  Other reasons include windows that are unattractive, faded or worn. Other windows might simply be outdated and it’s time for an updated look.


Market Leaders in Window Replacement

We have listed all the major window types, window brands, window styles and their costs currently available on the marketplace in the UK. Here you’ll be able to check out what’s on offer so that you can get a better idea of what will suit your home and your budget. You can also learn about the different types of windows and what they are used for to check out their function and see if it matches your home’s needs.

Windows used to be made of wood, metal, or even stone, but modern windows are constructed from a variety of materials. It’s vitally important to understand how these materials can improve your life and your home, so recognizing their advantages and drawbacks in terms of your unique requirements is important if you want to select the right type of replacement window. You’ll also have the opportunity to consider which materials best fit your region’s climate as well as which particular design pattern will work best.

Whatever your particular reason for replacing your windows, it’s important to discuss your options with an industry leader that will guarantee a quality window that you will be able to trust for years to come.

My windows do not need a complete replacement, how can I just spruce them up again?

After evaluating your current window situation you may decide that replacing them or getting a completely new style may not be the best solution for you.The below table offers some other possible solutions to common window problems:

Problem Possible solutions
My window won’t open fully or properly

Casement windows: Look into buying replacement parts such as the sash support system or the window operator (handle mechanism). Sometimes the moving parts just need cleaning or lubricating.

Sash windows: If the window has swollen due to heat you can sand or plane the wood panes down to make them slide more easily

My window lets in a chilly draught

Install a draught excluder or replace a faulty one

If you see small cracks, fill them with nail polish

The latches on my window are broken, making me feel unsafe Buy replacements online and install them yourself or ask a handyman
The glass in my window is foggy If you are able to remove your window sash, take it to a hardware shop to have the glass or insulated seal replaced
The outside window sill is rotten The sill can be replaced by itself if the rot has not spread – cut back the rotten wood and replace it with new wood that you can measure from your original cut
One or more panes of glass are broken

You can remove the glass yourself but always wear extensive protective gear and tape the glass to remove it safely

Glass replacement is cheaper than window replacement

Always consulting with a professional is advised if you decide to put any of these above tips into practice. You don’t want to damage your windows beyond repair or hurt yourself so please proceed with caution.

At Window Replacement Advisor we are dedicated to helping you save money on your window replacement in the easiest and quickest way possible. You can save up to 40% on a window replacement project by speaking to us. With potential savings like that it’s important you make the right choice when comparing quotes. But how do you know you’re getting the right window for your home at the best possible price? By comparing window quotes from several different installation companies.

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