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What can affect the cost?

Generally, the installer will give you a quote per window so that you can have a basic idea of what it will cost for your whole project. In some cases, you can get a discount for multiple window installation. There are several factors that affect the overall cost to install your windows, including:

  • Number of windows to install.
  • Size of windows.
  • Labour cost involved
  • Window style and brand
  • Time of the year

How Much Will It Cost To Install My Windows?

The first factor that affects price is, of course, the number of windows that you are having installed. One or two windows are not going to cost a great deal of money, and you may be able to get away with only spending around £225 per window. The average cost per window, however, does tend to come in at around £520 for an average 48" x 48" frame window, although you could easily end up spending upwards of £750 per window, depending on the abovementioned factors.

On average, most homeowners pay in the region of £3,500 for a new window installation project. This total should cover between 5 - 10 windows being installed, although 10 windows could increase will increase the cost by up to £4,800. For large and more specific projects, for example, if you are ordering double- and triple-glazed windows, those filled with argon gas, or specific brands, the cost to install windows can end up in the region of about £7,500, but install more than 10 windows of this type and you can expect to spend between £10,800 - £15,400.

Futher Cost Breakdown

  • Time of Year:You may also want to consider is the time of year. Peak season is going to bring higher prices unless you have an installer that runs specials throughout the year. Peak season generally occurs during the warmer and colder months as those are generally the comes when people start to realize that heat or cold is making its way into the home through the cracks. Spring and Fall are both great seasons to have your windows replaced.
  • Labour rates: When it comes to labor, you can expect a bill of £20 - £29 per hour for removal of the old window and installation of the new one. This task generally takes around 3 hours. If you require the opening of an exterior wall for a new frame and window installation, the additional work should cost between £37 - £60 per sq m.
  • Window Types—Since windows come in so many different shapes and sizes, which significantly influence the overall cost, here is a cost breakdown of each window type within a 48" x 48" high-quality wood frame containing insulating glass.

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