Egress Windows Prices


egress-windowEgress windows are your emergency exit or escape windows required in specific locations in a dwelling space, whether commercial or residential.

They are mandated in building codes to meet specific size and access requirements to qualify as egress windows. The following rooms are required to have egress windows: Each sleeping room or bedroom on any floor is required to have one. That includes additional or new rooms designed or designated as sleeping quarters.
Basements used as habitable space.

Egress windows must comply with at least four International Residential Code (IRC) standards namely:

  • Minimum opening height is: 24 in.
  • Minimum width opening is 20 in.
  • Maximum sill height from the floor is 44 in
  • Minimum net clear opening is 5.7 sq. ft. (5.0 sq. ft. for ground floor).

Net clear opening does not refer to the size of the window panel but to the actual free and clear space that allows a person to get through. In addition, the window must be able to open easily form the inside without keys or tools. Window bars and grilles may be installed over windows but can be swung out without tools or keys to allow the minimum clear opening.

Why Choose Egress Windows?

Egress windows are meant to provide safe exit from the room in case of emergencies, notably fire, when getting out the normal way is blocked or not possible. They are also meant to allow firefighters to get into the room to rescue its occupants.

Without one, a room becomes a firetrap. They are critical life-saving architectural and functional features of a dwelling place. If there is even a remote probability that an existing or added room will be used as a bedroom, it must have an egress window.

What Are The Average Costs Of Egress Windows?

Basic Level Egress Window Prices:

• £1300-£2200
• Includes Labor, Materials and Installation
• Example: Vinyl, Casement for 1 window = £2900

Mid Priced Egress Windows:

• £2200-£2800
• Includes Labor, Materials and Installation
• Example: Aluminum, Sliding for 2 windows = £4300

Premium Egress Window Prices:

• £2900-£4500
• Includes Labor, Materials and Installation
• Example: Fiberglass, Double Hung for 3 windows = £6400

Egress Window Considerations

The prices vary widely based on a number of factors. These numbers vary based on the installer’s company and any extra features such as different window glass types, not to mention size and material.Installation costs also differ so these numbers are for reference only.

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