Double Hung Window Prices Review

Wood-Ultrex Insert Double-Hung Window

double-hung-windowComprising two sashes, both or either one of them being movable, these units allow either the top or bottom half of the window to be kept open at any point in time.A double hung window is actually of a more traditional style compared to other types of windows. Double hung windows are traditional to the United Kingdom. The design spread to other countries through colonization. During its early beginnings, the double-hung window uses counterweights on either side of it to create a balance. Today, spring balances are used. In this style, the sash on top is fixed a little at the back of the sash at the bottom of it. One continuous block of glass can make up a double hung window. The sashes may also be made up of separate lights for style and decorative purposes. To make the lights look separate, the designer can make use of a temporary grid that can be easily snapped into place. This way, the design is not exactly committed to the style.

Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are traditional but this does not mean that they are boring. They can actually be transformed into a lot of different things, from practical to stylish. Double hung windows can be adjusted and designed according to the homeowner’s or office owner’s preferences. A double hung window is able to combine ventilation and versatility in one. It is a practical choice because of its functionality and sense of style that can rarely be found in just one type of window. The double hung can also come in energy efficiency types that will allow offices and homes to save money on utility bills. Energy efficient windows are now very important commodities considering the rising prices of energy.

What Is The Average Costs Of Double Hung Windows?

Basic Level Double Hung Window Prices:

Mosy typically have a vinyl frame and can be found at nearly every home improvement outlet. They are not very energy efficient and have low-grade hardware that is likely to break sooner that higher-end models. They typically run from £90 to £160. Installation can add up to £180 per window opening. When the window opening has to be filled in, trim work added, frame and sill, the cost goes up. The final cost can be from £145 to £290.

Mid Priced Double Hung Windows:

These windows contain glass with more energy efficiency and are framed in fiberglass, aluminum, or a high-end vinyl composite range in price from £160 to £320. With the addition of installation and materials, the cost goes up to £290 to £500, again depending on work needed and window size.

Premium Double Hung Window Prices:

They also come with wood frames, possibly surrounded by aluminum or fiberglass exteriors for longer lasting durability and protection and have the highest energy efficiency due to top quality glass and any fills or insulation needed. When installation costs are added, the price per window can run between £500 and £750.


Double Hung Window Considerations

The prices vary widely based on a number of factors. These numbers vary based on the installer’s company and any extra features such as different window glass types, not to mention size and material. Installation costs also differ so these numbers are for reference only.

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