Casement Window Prices Review

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Bay-casement-windowCasement windows are framed and hinged so that they swing open on vertical pivots or sashes, and fasten shut on the opposite sash. Smaller casements opening and fastening on horizontal pivots are often found within the vertical sashes. It is usually made of oak timber and six panes of glass. Occasionally, Gothic arches and smaller glass were used for a better look. Improved glass-making and the discovery and production of newer, sturdier materials led to the refinement of casement windows production, providing modern homeowners of simple yet beautiful window style that remains popular today.

Casement windows have one or more hinges so that they open or close very much like a door. Single windows are either hinged at the left or at the right side of the frame while double windows are pivoted on both sides. Those with hinges at the top and bottom side are called awning windows and hoppers, respectively. This type of window opens outwardly, although not always. A crank, lever, or cam handle usually serves to open the window. To secure it while open, the window needs a crank, stay or friction hinge.

Why Choose Casement Windows?

One of the advantages of using a casement window is that can be fully opened and therefore, maximizes the viewing area. A second advantage is that it provides good ventilation to the home. Even when coming from odd angles, the wind may be funneled inside the house through the window’s doors. A third benefit is that it is harder to break into this type of windows. The lock, usually hook-shaped, is inaccessible from the outside and is embedded within the frame. Finally, they come in many varieties and designs that can enhance the beauty of the home or building.

What Are The Average Costs Of Casement Windows?

Basic Level Casement Window Prices:

A plain, unglazed window frame without locks or fastenings should cost around £150. With the glass, locks or customized fasteners added, the window can cost up to £200.

Mid Priced Casement Windows:

Again, much depends on the size and style of window, but an unglazed frame without finish, locks or other accessories should cost in the region of £200. A stained window, together with locks and glazing, brings the cost to $600. This means the full fenestration of the house of 10 windows is £6,000, plus £2,000 for installation, total £8,000.

Premium Casement Window Prices:

A softwood frame without glazing or finish will cost around £600, and glazed it will cost £700. A glazed oak frame with fastenings could cost up to £1,400. Using the same formula, the Cost of Casement Windows for a house fenestrated in oak will be around £14,000, plus £7,000 installation, total £21,000.

Casement Window Prices By Window Material And Window Size

Casement Window Prices (incl. installation costs + VAT):

Window material

Window size (mm)

Price range

uPVC 1000 x 500 £200 – £375
1000 x 1000 £300 – £700
1200 x 1200 £350 – £900
Wooden 600 x 900 £600 – £970
300 x 1200 £1,250 – £1,400
1200 x 1200 £1,370 – £1,500
Aluminium 600 x 900 £540 – £680
900 x 1200 £650 – £800
1200 x 1200 £770 – £960

Casement Window Considerations

The prices vary widely based on a number of factors. These numbers vary based on the installer’s company and any extra features such as different window glass types, not to mention size and material. Installation costs also differ so these numbers are for reference only.

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